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Ready to ship inventory built by TVM as well as a few consigned builds from time to time. 

Take a look and let us know if you have any questions.

Please click each picture to enlarge and click the left/right arrows to see more photos.

Mountain Rifle


Walnut   Swamped .40X 42"     Right Hand Siler Flint
Double Set Trigger - 14" length of pull    Browned Steel  
$2960 plus S&H

Early Virginia Rifle

EVA maple.jpg

Curly Maple - Brown |  Swamped .58 X 38"  |   Right Hand Deluxe Siler Flint
Single Trigger - 13 3/4" length of pull  |  Aged Steel  |  Swivels 
$2850 plus S&H


southern Rifle


Plain Maple 13/16" X .45 X 42"     Right Hand Siler Flint
Single Trigger - 13.75" length of pull    Aged Steel  
$2150 plus S&H

Late Lancaster Rifle

urly Maple  13/16X.45X42" Barrel  Right Hand L. Zornes Flint
Polished Double Set Trigger
14" length of pull    

Aged Steel
Single Lid Patch Box
    Carved & Engraved

$4800 plus S&H

LL 45 tang 2
LL 45 lock
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