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Builder's Kit 

The stock is hand-shaped about 75% and the barrel and ramrod channels are cut.

  • All other building and wood and metal finishing is to be completed by the customer.

  • This kit is recommended for an advance/expert builder.


This kit is available for our right and left hand customers in all styles: Tennessee - Basic or Poor Boy, Southern - Basic or Poor Boy, Early Virginia, Late Lancaster, Iron Pennsylvania, Leman, Tulle, and Fowler. 

The TN Basic, Southern Basic, Lancaster, Iron PA, and Leman kits include:

plain maple stock

flintlock or percussion

lock bolt(s)

vent liner or drum

butt plate

toe plate

entry & forward thimbles

ramrod tip

wood screws

pinning wire

straight octagon rifle

or octagon to round smooth 

breech plug

side plate

nose cap


trigger guard

single trigger



The Early VA kit does not include a toe plate.

The TN and Southern Poor Boy kit does not include a side plate, nose cap, entry thimble, or toe plate. These can be added for the cost of the part - call for pricing.

The Fowler and Tulle kit does not include a toe plate or rear sight. These include a flintlock, single trigger and octagon to round barrel. 


You may also choose upgrades such as curly maple, ash, walnut, cherry, an alternate lock, a swamped barrel, inlays, etc. for additional fees.  Click on our prices for more details.


We recommend any customer to purchase a copy of The Art of Building the Pennsylvania Longrifle if deciding to tackle a Kit. 

NOTE:  We only provide estimated delivery dates due to the nature of our business.   Customized orders are likely to have a longer wait time. 

Our first priority is quality which is driven by 30 years of pride and satisfied customers! All pricing is subject to change.

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