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Late Lancaster 

Our Late Lancaster reflects the general characteristics found in the area of Lancaster Co, PA. This style is often built with additional options such as a patch box, inlays, carving, and engraving. A full build, in the white or kit can be ordered with a rifled or smooth barrel for our left- or right-hand customers.

L Lancaster 1.jpg

Example: Late Lancaster | Polished Brass | Browned Steel | Dark Brown - Curly Maple Optional

Base Price includes:
  • Plain Maple Stock

  • Brass or Silver

  • Straight Barrel - Length 36" or 42"

  • Your choice of Caliber - .36 - .58

  • Right or Left Siler Flintlock OR Percussion

  • Side Plate with Lock Bolts

  • Single Trigger 

  • Trigger Guard

  • Butt Plate

  • Upper & Entry Thimbles

  • TVM Front Sight

  • Curl Rear Sight

  • Nose Cap


Please inquire for more details

  • Special order .32 caliber barrel

  • Special order custom length barrel

  • Swamped Barrel

  • Double Set Triggers

  • Alternate Lock:

      Late Ketland, Durs Egg or L&R Manton

  • Sling swivel & button

  • Various inlays

  • Wooden Patch Box

  • Engraving

  • Stock Upgrade: curly maple, walnut, or cherry

NOTE:  We only provide estimated delivery dates due to the nature of our business.   Customized orders are likely to have a longer wait time. 

Our first priority is quality which is driven by 30 years of pride and satisfied customers! All pricing is subject to change.

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