Tulle (Fusil de Chasse) Smooth Bore

The TVM Tulle is not an exact replica of a specific type of Tulle. According to information found in "Frontier Guns" by T.M. Hamilton, the lines and style are similar to the Tulle Fusil de Chasse (hunting gun).  These French hunting guns which were assumed to be plain without frills were likely among thousands of four main types of Tulles brought in by canoe and often traded or given to the Indians.


Tulle | Trade Lock | Aged Steel | Walnut Stock 

Standard Parts include:
  • Plain Maple Stock

  • Steel or Brass Furniture

  • Octagon to Round

  • Your choice of Caliber - .62/20 gauge

  • Right or Left Fur Trade Flintlock only

  • Side Plate with Lock Bolts

  • Single Trigger

  • Trigger Guard

  • Butt Plate

  • Upper & Entry Thimbles

  • Turtle Front Sight

Base Prices

      Please call to discuss the details & costs.
  • Special order caliber/gauge barrel

  • Special order custom length barrel

  • Flintlock & percussion conversions

  • Sling swivel & button

  • Various inlays

  • Stock Upgrade: plain, premium, or deluxe

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NOTE:  We only provide estimated delivery dates due to the nature of our business.   Customized orders are likely to have a longer wait time.  Our first priority is quality which is driven by 30 years of pride and satisfied customers! All pricing is subject to change.