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We love to hear from our loyal customers! It is very fulling to see/hear them appreciate our hard work to fullfill their dream of owning a traditional muzzleloader. Thank you to each of our customers for helping us love what we do.


Disclaimer: The following testimonials and/or photos were submitted by our customers via the Tennessee Valley Muzzleloading Facebook page.

Mr. Frank C

"My new rifle I got today, an iron mounted .50 caliber Early Virginia. Thank's Matt I love it. This is the fourth rifle TVM has made for me, and I'm never disappointed."

Mr. Toney L

"Richard and family, I absolutely love the the 58 Early Virginia rifle. Coyotes and deer don't like it as much. I got this 7pt and coyote using 90 g FFF and a Tanner mold .562 with a .20 wonder lube patch."

Mr. Justin U

"Best rifle ever. 10 years of fun, 4 deer, NMLRA wins, and plenty of small game. Thanks guys"

Mr. Matt S

"Just received my fowler. It arrived in great shape and is even more beautiful than I could have imagined. I cant wait to get it in the woods. The picture does not do it justice. Thank you TVM!

Mr. David C

"Grrrrr ... Had to make a trip into the VA today and the New Gun is on it's way. Made it back home UPS not been here yet ... Yaaa Buttered up a couple peace's of corn bread ... Knock Knock Knock Woo Hoooo its UPS ... Must have smelled the corn bread .. Ha WOW .. WOW and .. WOW What a Great looking rifle !!!!! Pictures don't do it justice !!!

Mrs. Cassie K

"I finally got to shoot my new toy!!! Trying to think of a name for her. An absolute million thanks to Matt Avance & Toni Avance for a wedding gift I could never imagine receiving! I have wanted my own flintlock for 5 years & boy did she fire off sweet! I am beyond excited!

“These guys make the best rifles and kits I have ever seen. Thanks very much for your most friendly service.”

Dexter H

“You guys are the best! I recently moved to Germany for several years (work), and it broke my heart having to leave my rifle stateside! I feel like Linus without his blankie!” 

Garrison G

"I just received my new iron Pennsylvania. And I was awestruck, the workmanship is incredible. This is my second rifle and I am so pleased with TVM'S work. Thank you so much TVM!"

Robert C

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