Base Prices

Upgrades such as premium or deluxe stock, alternate lock, swamped barrel, inlays, etc. are available.  See the price sheet or contact us for more information.

Finished build

These rifles and smooth bores are completely built and finished. 

Estimated delivery time varies.

In The White
All styles may be ordered In The White. 
The metal and wood are NOT finished.
Estimated delivery time varies.
TVM Standard Kit

These kits have some parts inlet and are recommended for intermediate builders.  Estimated delivery time is 4-6 weeks. 

Builder's Kit

These kits have NO parts inlet.  Therefore, we recommended these for advance/expert builders. Available with single trigger only. 

Estimated delivery 2-4 weeks.

Stock Upgrades

Each order includes a standard maple stock.  For more figure in your stock, you may choose from the options below.

Showroom crotch feather mountain rifle 5
Barrel Upgrade

Base price includes a 36" or 42" barrel - straight octagon in .36-.58 caliber or octagon-round in .62

You may choose to upgrade to a swamped barrel: .36-.58 caliber - 38" or 42".

NOTE:  We only provide estimated delivery dates due to the nature of our business.   Customized orders are likely to have a longer wait time. 

Our first priority is quality which is driven by 30 years of pride and satisfied customers! All pricing is subject to change.